Q:  I love all the options and tones you give my MTS rig. Can you do anything for my (insert amp here)?

A:  Many of the mods performed to MTS gear can and do translate well to actual tube amps.  If you would like to discuss modifications to any amp in your collection email info@jadedfaithmods.com and let’s see what we can do for you.  Pedal mods are welcome as well.



Q:  I have a broken module. Can you repair it?

A:  As a way to say thanks for your business, Jaded Faith Mods will repair any broken module free of charge with the purchase of at least a base modification.  If you do not want mod work done we still offer affordable repairs.  Email info@jadedfaithmods.com for details.



Q:  What warranty do you offer on your modules?

A:  Jaded Faith Mods warrants all of our mods for a period of one year from it's build date for the original owner only.  This warranty is restricted to defaults in materials and craftsmanship only.  It does not cover damages determined to be caused by abuse, neglect, poor handling or "hot swapping" modules while the amp is powered on.  We reserve the right to determine any and all possible causes of damage.  All damages determined to be caused by any of the above will be repaired at the going hourly rate for bench time ($60 per hour).  This is a non-transferable warranty and is void upon resale to a second party.

Please note: There are known issues with some pre-2004 modules being too short to work properly in all MTS amps.  It is only an issue in about 1% of all modules.  All donors sold by Jaded Faith Mods are warrantied to be newer modules without this problem.  We can not assume responsibility for compatibility issues on donors we did not sell.



Q:  I have an older mod that I am not completely happy with? Can you update it?

A:  Absolutely!  Prior to streamlining our products in 2011, many of our mods were custom-made to very specific customer demands.  Eventually most guitarists suffer from G.A.S. and these mods enter the used market.  Being that they were so customer specific, your tastes may be completely different. Updates are priced the same as the prices on our website if you would like to turn it into one of our current products or our hourly $60 bench rate will apply (one hour minimum).Just email info@jadedfaithmods.com for details.



Q:  Can I have a donor sent directly to you from a 3rd party?

A:  Not a problem at all.  Just be sure the sender includes a note in the box with your name, shipping address, email address, forum name (if any), phone number and order details.



Q:  What are your turnaround times?

A:  Jaded Faith Mods is dedicated to providing the highest quality work with the fastest turnaround times around.  Batches of work are checked in once a week and a confirmation email is sent at that time.  Once your order is checked in and paid for, turnaround time is typically around 15 business days or better.  A confirmation email with your tracking info is sent the day your order ships out. Due to the nature of custom work, seasonal volume spikes and the large number of amp repairs we do, turnarounds can be longer at times.  We do our absolute best to keep turnarounds to a minimum.



Q:  What are your shipping charges?

A:  All Domestic packages are sent via USPS Priority Mail to ensure your mods make it home as quickly as possible.  Flat rate Domestic shipping is $15 and International is $40 for up to 2 modules.  For orders of 3 or more mods, please contact us via email for a shipping quote. All module orders above $1000 receive free shipping. Please note: Jaded Faith Mods does not assume responsibility for any packages once they have shipped should they be lost/stolen/damaged. Insurance is optional on all orders. Please let us know in advance if you want insurance on your package.



Q:  How do I go about paying for my mod?

A:  You have two options.  You can pay with Paypal or include a check or money order with your donor. All checks or money orders should be made out to "Jaded Faith Mods". Use info@jadedfaithmods.com to send payments via Paypal.  All Paypal payments must add an additional 4% to your total to cover fees.Please note that due to the custom nature of our work all jobs are paid upfront and absolutely no refunds will be given.



Q:  How do I go about ordering my mod?

A:  Follow these easy steps -

  1. Select your mod(s) and identify a compatible donor from the mod description.
  2. Download the proper Order Form from the Contact & Ordering page
  3. Contact us at info@jadedfaithmods.com to confirm your method of payment, pricing total for your order and to address any additional questions you may have.
  4. Send your donor module to us (if you are not purchasing one) and be sure to include a printed copy of the Order Form. Payment should be made when you ship your donor to avoid delays.


Q:  Do you offer any mods not shown on your site?

A:  Yes we do!  Go to the Jaded Faith Mods Facebook page and "Like" us to see daily posts of our work and the many custom jobs we do.



Q:  Do you work on amps or just modules?

A:  We can repair and modify amps of all makes and models.  Jaded Faith Mods is an Authorized Service Center for Randall amplifiers and has a working relationship with several manufacturers.



Q:  What type of mods do you offer and what is included?

A:  We offer several types of modifications to suit every need and budget.  All work from base tweaking of stock modules to the Custom Shop creation of your dreams are performed with the exact same attention to detail and quality parts. All mods include upgrading the parts in the signal path with high quality replacements, rewiring of circuits (as needed), adding additional options (as ordered), cosmetic upgrades (as ordered), tuning, testing and burn in.


Q:  Since all of your work is custom and built to order, how can tell how a mod sounds and feels?

A: To help customers get a better feel for the tone and feel of our MTS mods, we have two useful tools.  

The first option is the demo clips on each mods page.  These were recorded right here at Jaded Faith Mods in our studio and do an excellent job showing the tones each mod offers.
The second tool is the following chart to illustrate the gain characteristics and feel of all of our mid-to-high gain modules:

Q: One of the most frequent questions asked of us is regarding the differences between all the Marshall-based mods in our product line.  What are they?

A: Here are some generalizations to help understand each:

 1: 59RR Custom
This is the "everything Marshall in one" solution. This module was originally based off of a 1959RR Signature Head that we modified heavily to provide a huge range of Marshall tones. It provides two levels of gain, the ability to add a gain stage, two different tone stacks and the Haze option to smooth it out. This one covers a lot of ground very well.
2: Brahma #39
This is our take on the famous California Hot-Rodded Marshall tones made famous in the 80's. The inspiration came from the infamous SIR #39 amp and many of the early modified Marshall tones. It does one thing and does it very well: raw, powerful Marshall roar.
3: PlexiTweed
This is a nod to early JTM45 and Fender Bassman tones (two takes on a similar design). You get a lower gain flavor (with plenty on tap) with a thicker classic vibe to it. A great choice for classic rock and it pairs really well with Strats.
4: Quick Mod GT
This is the highest of the high gain Marshall flavors. It's all about different gain configurations and feels. The OD1/2 and Gears switch allow for 6 different levels of gain from mean to scream. The GT designation as of 3/8/13 indicates a revision similar to those made to the actual Quick Rods recently, providing a tighter, stiffer feel with a more friendly EQ.
5: Grail Tone
The first effort aimed specifically at duplicating to sounds of EVH. It was the first mod to feature dual Gain pots to give the same effect as a Plexi with jumpered inputs (allowing the player to blend a thicker and a brighter gain to taste). A unique Variac feature drops the voltage in the module exactly the same way a Variac set to 90V would.
6: Silverado
This all-new module is a replica of the Silver Jubilee amps, which were the first true departure from the traditional Marshall designs. It features the Rhythm Clip and Lead Master circuits from the original, providing two all-new forms of Diode Clipping circuits. The two "channels" (although many thought of the Jubilee as a to channel amp, it really was a single channel design) can be blended to taste, just like the original. A very unique Marshall flavor.