RM50 or MOD 50: $45 + $6 shipping RM100 or MOD 100: $40 + $6 shipping
RM1250, RT 2/50, RM20 or RM22: modification to your amps stock PCB only


"Unleash your MTS amps potential!"

The Foglifter is a drop-in direct replacement for the stock Presence & Density PCB boards in the Randall RM50, RM100, Egnater MOD 50 and MOD 100 amplifiers. These fine-tuned circuits will provide enhanced tone from your amp, “lifting the fog” and providing tones previously unattainable.  The Presence knob has extended range and is voiced higher to provide air to the tone without getting harsh. The Density knob also has extended range and provides a chest-pounding thump without the mud.
Full installation instructions are included with your order.