Adjustable JFM Input PCB: $150 installed

We started with redesigning the entire front end of the RM50 and RM100 amps.We have re-tuned them, added a tube gain stage and a gain pot by the input jack to control the amount of boost. All the way down it adds virtually no additional gain but still provides the enriched harmonic content that another tube gain stage brings to the table. All the way up and it screams. A stock Plexi module with its gain set at only 10:00 can be coaxed to full on JCM800 levels of gain…WITH THE MODULE GAIN AT ONLY 10:00! There is a huge palate of gain available here and far more than you can ever need or use. An added benefit is you can boost it here on the preamp and lower your module gain for a significant reduction in noise. This is an extremely powerful feature that not only expands your tonal palate, but provides many colors in between that were previously unobtainable.

Please note these must be installed at our shop and are not drop-in replacements. Not available for the RM4 or RM20/22.

Adjustable Series Effects Loop: $150 installed

A long-time bane of MTS users everywhere, the Series loop will now include both Send and Return loop levels. This will allows stomp box users to finally rejoice and use all of their toys without additional gear messing with their tone.

Please note these must be installed at our shop and are not drop-in replacements. Not available for the RM4 or RM20/22.

Foglifter+: $109 installed
Want to know what the Foglifter would have been if it wasn’t confined to a drop-in solution that the customer could easily install? These amps have it. In addition to the Foglifter Presence and Density circuits, these amps feature an adjustable Negative Feedback Control. You now have complete, unrestricted control over the tuning of your power amp and you are welcome.

Please note these must be installed at our shop and are not drop-in replacements. Not available for the RM4. Can be done on an RT2/50 power amp.

MTS Amp Mods

"This is what these amps should have been all along." - George Lynch

In the Fall of 2013, the modified MTS module market began to cool off from it's unsustainably frenzied pace. We began to brainstorm ways to push the MTS envelope even further. We asked ourselves "How can we take the modular concept to the next level in ways that had not been done before?" After nine months of intense R&D, we developed a suite of modifications to the amps themselves that put the MTS amps on par with the most boutique amps out there. Seen below is George Lynch's personal Lynch Box head with all of the JFM upgrades installed.

Custom JFM Mercury Magnetics Transformers and Chokes (installation labor extra):

RM100: PT - $360, OT - $295, Choke - $48 

RM50: PT - $255, OT - $250, Choke - $48

RM20/22: PT - $195, OT - $150, Choke - $48

Rob worked very hard with Mercury Magnetics over 6 months to develop custom sets of transformers for every amp in the MTS line to our exacting specs. This included the RM50 PT and a set for the RM20/22, all of which were previously unavailable from Mercury. The improvement over the stock Taiwanese economy transformers is not small or subtle. The difference in feel, response, tone and power is the difference many have complained about as what’s missing in MTS. The RM20/22 transformers are a significant improvement over the extremely poor stock set and a choke is added, which the stock amp did not have.

These are proprietary designs and are not available to the general public through Mercury.

We often are asked if transformer upgrades are worth the investment. We like to answer this through analogies to the human body.

The power transformer is like the heart and circulatory system. It supplies the required voltages to your amp much like your heart supplies the blood. A poor PT will not be able to meet demands in times of stress when you really push the amp, much like a poorly conditioned heart can't keep up if asked to run a marathon. The feel of the amp will be improved by a PT upgrade, particularly when you crank the amp.

The output transformer is much like the lungs and your vocal chords. Your amp works hard to create all that great tone. The OT's job is to mate your amp with speakers to give it a voice and move some air. An upgrade here will give you the biggest bang for your buck tone-wise and your will notice increased articulation and definition all around.

The Choke is part of your amp's power supply and can be tweaked to change up the feel with a few other variables.